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For more than 20 years, Purkeys has delivered innovative, cost-effective solutions to the electrical needs of heavy-duty fleets—both large and small. We look at the electrical system as a whole, then strategically work to achieve the maximum return on investment, while reducing maintenance costs and equipment usage. Headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, our level of expertise has garnered more than 10 U.S. patents, attracted the attention of both fleets, OEM’s and other industry leaders throughout North America. Our track record of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Electrical Innovation for Commercial Trucking.

Since 1990, Purkeys has made an impact in the commercial trucking industry through electrical advisement and solutions. Our success is a result of our industry knowledge, expertise, communication, and innovation by:

•Understanding and Overcoming Challenges with Trucking Fleets.
•Recognizing Electrical Problems Before Equipment and Operational Breakdown.
•Saving Money and Time Through Open Communication Concerning Electrical Issues.
•Innovative Solutions to Maximize Long-Term Electrical Efficiency, Prevent Waste, and Safeguard Investments.

The trucking industry is constantly bombarded with electrical challenges, both individually and industry-wide. From driver education, technicians maximizing energy resources, to government regulations, Purkeys recognizes the increasing and changing electrical demands placed on fleets and equipment. We continuously engineer solutions to maximize efficiency, prevent waste, and safeguard investments.

When it comes to commercial trucking, every problem is complicated and costly. Purkeys partners with clients to identify electrical issues before they become problems. First, we listen to our clients to identify problems. Then, through our testing, analytics, consultation, and custom innovations, we keep equipment performing better and longer while ensuring positive operational flow.

Purkeys not only identifies electrical problems, we innovated the solutions, educate and train staff, and prevent many negative situations. Our open, honest, knowledge-sharing communication with clients has been and will continue to be the foundation to our support and innovations. Combining our experience in the private sector and our long-term involvement with trade organizations such as ASE, TMC, and APRA, fleets and manufacturers depend on Purkeys as the proven, credible, and available resource for electrical consultation and solutions.

Bring us the problem – we’ll deliver the solution.