Kalman Floor Company has produced high quality industrial concrete floors since 1916. Working with owners, design builders, and contractors, Kalman Floor Company provides self-polishing, highly abrasion resistant, non-dusting floors for cold storage, dry storage, distribution warehouses, manufacturing plants, and many other types of facilities worldwide.

Using Kalman's monolithic finish, Seamless Concrete®, with either a Kalman Monorock® or Kalman Absorption Process® topping eliminates 80% of traditional floor joints. The result: lower floor maintenance costs, lower equipment maintenance costs, and higher material handling speed. To reduce crack control reinforcing, consider the Kalman Tension Ring™, an innovation we patented in 2003 which reduces rebar by approximately 30%, significantly reducing floor construction costs.

Kalman Floor Company installs industrial concrete floors in all types of large distribution and warehousing facilities. In its 90-year existence, Kalman has installed floors in all 50 of the United States and internationally in countries such as Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

How it all began…

In 1916, Kalman was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota by Paul J. Kalman on the basis of a patented ” dense, durable, non-dusting industrial concrete topping process called absorption process. In 1923, Kalman was incorporated in Delaware and relocated its offices to Chicago, Illinois. 10 years later, C. Frederick Ytterberg (grandfather of Kalman’s current President) became President of the company when Paul J. Kalman resigned and the offices relocated to New York City.

During Frederick’s tenure as President, Kalman obtained the registered trademark for Absorption Process® concrete floor topping and began installing steel bar as armor in construction joints, two highly effective processes that are still used in today’s Kalman floors. The company began installing Kalman Seamless Concrete® floors in 1964 and has installed more than 70 million square feet to date.

In 1964, Robert F. Ytterberg succeeded his father as President of Kalman. C. Frederick Ytterberg took Kalman to Europe, Australia, and South America until his retirement in 1978. Two years later, Kalman relocated its headquarters to the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado where it still resides today.

As President of Kalman Robert took the company to a whole new level, installing the largest post-tension floor slab in the world in 1985 (see Case Studies), developing the Kalman can test for measuring field expansion, using welded bar armor as joint filler, column wrapping with concrete wash in the web (a practice subsequently adopted by ACI 223), and developing the Kalman SC® material used to produce long-wearing Kalman Seamless Concrete® floors. In 1987, Robert F. Ytterberg received the prestigious ACI Wasson Medal for his 3-part paper entitled, “Shrinkage & Curling of Slabs on Grade”.

Continuing the family tradition, Carl N. Ytterberg took over the business from his father Robert in 1996 and focused the company’s efforts on installing trouble-free Kalman Seamless Concrete®. One year later, Kalman began installing slip sheets beneath slabs on ground and on insulation (a practice adopted by ACI 223). In 2000, the company began using the patented Kalman V-Joint® to support joint filler and 3 years later introduced the patented Kalman Tension-Ring™ (see Our Products), both proving to be successful processes that increased the durability of industrial floors while reducing construction and maintenance costs for the owners.

Kalman has successfully maintained its history of excellence through 3 generations and looks forward to another 90 years of successful service for the warehousing and distribution industries.

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