We make customized & personalized replica vehicles from diecast metal refrigerated box trucks to forklifts. Pallet jacks to tractor trailers, man lifts to material handlers, storage containers to cargo ships, Intermodal trains to ice-cream trucks......

Diecast metal, diecast & plastic, all plastic, replicas that will carry your information.

We can create a diorama of your company buildings and trucks for Trade shows or your main lobby. Let us make replicas of your company vehicles that you use to transport your products. We have no minimum order. If you have a driver employee retiring we can make an exact replica of the vehicle he drove right down to matching license plates. For your warehouse personnel we have working forklift replicas that we can imprint company and recipients names on. Having a warehouse forklift rodeo or a truck rodeo for your drivers?

We can supply replica awards with imprinting to signify the event.

Want to get your company name into the hands of the local restaurants then leave them something that won't end up in the trash can like a paper business card > A diecast replica vehicle of the type used by your company will stay on the clients desk, in full view all day everyday. Keeping your company and reps name in their line of sight and on their minds. From inexpensive giveaway items to corporate gifts with display cases we can make a replica you will be proud to give and show to your clients.

NO minimum order. Let us help you advertise your business the old fashioned way> a premium product item from YOUR premium company.

Thank you,

Bradley Pick

Ask about our special discounts for Veteran Owned Companies and OOIDA Members